Missoni Makes Me Smile


I love all the fab things that come in for Olive but this may be a top 5 pick!!  I LOVE these colors.  As I sit here tagging clothes for Revolve I received a new shipment for Olive (it’s like Christmas every time the UPS guy comes with my goodies).  Had to share before I post the rest…. Happy Tuesday all!




About justadashofglitter

I'm caving to the blogging world. I started this a few years ago and have posted a little here and a little there... very little, so I am giving it a go full force. Just a crazy blonde that has been blessed with some of the craziest and most amazing people, places and things. Now, by amazing I don't mean expensive I simply mean amazing to me. One thing you will learn is that I crack myself up, I mean it's a little ridiculous but everything that takes place in my life has gotten to the pon=int of pure entertainment. I grew up in Atlanta and did a mini tour of the Southeast, venturing from Atlanta to Auburn to Charleston, SC before planting my fidgety feet in Charlotte, NC to open Revolve, an upscale men's consignment store. Two year after that I opened my online women's boutique called Olive. I adore the "city life" and I am now only 3 hours from "home" {Atlanta} and from Charleston (my second home). While running both stores I also love organizing my two fundraisers in town; Dining With Friends, an AIDS fundraiser and Blondes vs Brunettes, an Alzheimer's fundraiser Free time? While it seems I may have NONE I make plenty of time for my biggests passions.. travel & cooking.

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