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Missoni Makes Me Smile


I love all the fab things that come in for Olive but this may be a top 5 pick!!  I LOVE these colors.  As I sit here tagging clothes for Revolve I received a new shipment for Olive (it’s like Christmas every time the UPS guy comes with my goodies).  Had to share before I post the rest…. Happy Tuesday all!




Dress Pic Of The Day


My super favorite dress {currently because it changes frequently} from my online women’s boutique Olive.

PS can I tell you how much I love seeing my same dresses at high-end boutiques such as Luna for 2-3 Xs the price.. that is correct!!  Love that I can offer these for less.

Xo Amy

Hi My Name Is Amy And I’m A Glitterholic


Give A Girl The Right Shoes...

And the blogging begins… I should warn you all I am SUPER obsessed with Pinterest (if you don’t know what that is DONT START you will lose hours of your life) This is a pic that I “borrowed” off of there.  I could not agree more with the quote!

I have been overbooking myself to the point of mental exhaustion but as I sit and type this with the tiny free time I have, I smile and remember why I do it all, because I am grateful for all I have accomplished and everybody that has cheered me on along way.
I started an upscale men’s consignment store in Charlotte NC almost three years ago (Revolve) followed shortly by bringing an AIDS fundraiser that started in Charleston, SC to my new fab town called Dining With Friends.  I have since opened an online women’s boutique Olive and while now on the third year for DWF I am also co-chairing an Alzheimer’s fundraiser called Blondes vs Brunettes (hottie tottie girlies playing football for a cause heck yes), on the board for an AIDS/cystic fibrosis fundraiser called Brief and most importantly throwing a fundraiser with a few friends to go towards one of my best friend’s medical bills since she was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma (you can visit her site here Ab’s Fundraiser) {insert sigggghhhh}
Clearly I do not sit still very well. With all I have on my plate do you see why when I finally sit I smile?!?! ALL rockin things to be involved with.
Goal for the week: Figure out how to make sure I am balancing my life (yup LARGE goal this week)